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Offshore Insights is one of the world’s largest software programs with thousands of the best offshore companies and advanced supporting vessels worldwide. After years of development this new high-tech platform is now available online.

Offshore Insights brings all offshore data and chain partners together to discover, create and share important technical and economic big data to improve your business operations and collaboration on offshore projects globally. Whether you have years of expertise or just started, the community easily connects subcontractors and other users within the market and can safely be used from any computer, anytime of the day on every place where you have access to the Internet.

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Offshore Insights can help you simply collect and distribute the required information, provide highlights on essential data, benchmarking, analysis on trends and improve energy efficiency for your business to reduce costs. We ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your user profile. Features include:

  • Benchmark of specialized marine assets based on technical and economic specifications;
  • Market outlook on trends, global active companies and operations all over the world;
  • Visibility analyses to investigate the visibility on projects in specific areas;
  • Collect data privately or share in public with our offshore community.

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After free registration, you are able to use the standard features of the software.

Offshore Insights provides advanced subscriptions to professionals, each subscription has its own features that give you exactly the latest updates and services on specific areas you need for as long as required.

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  • Offshore Insights is the business intelligence tool for all offshore companies, government, environmental lobbyist and owners active within the industry. We encourage all professionals to discover the massive amount of options on the platform to support your activities.

    Daniëlle Keijzer

    PR & Communications Officer - OOS International

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